Since March most of the world has experienced lock-down and where possible, the workforce became remote.

However, for those employees that aren't used to remote working, this can have a severe (and fairly immediate) impact on morale and motivation.

Not surprising really.  Many people are now juggling the responsibilities of parenting, schooling and caring for others all within the confides of their own home.  

So, whilst on the surface the motivators are understandably impacted, this article outlines the underlying motivators that it will impacting in the workplace:

Essentially, there are three negative motivators:

Emotional pressure - of juggling several roles at the same time.

Economic pressure - people worrying about losing their jobs and protecting their health.

Inertia - the feeling of "what's the point" as we see distressing news stories and fear for family.

These are naturally expected during times of such uncertainty.  I have certainly felt the same, roller-coasting from complete fear and anxiety to totally isolating myself from everyone and pretending it's not happening.  

However, as uncomfortable as I'm finding it I am learning that this is part of my growth journey.  It's making me more resilient and it's teaching me to weather the storm. 

How I react to this will rub off onto my children so I have no option but to find a way to manage it.

This article helped me to understand it further.  As well as three negative motivators there are three positive ones too!

Play - the joy of problem solving and decision making with others.

Purpose - how we contribute to something bigger and how we're reminded of that.

Potential - the ability to grow and learn from others.

Understanding these motivators has made me realise how to support our team going forward.

Covid-19 isn't going to disappear overnight.  Focusing on adaptive performance (where there is no plan to follow) and leaning on experimentation and problem solving is key.

It feels a bit like 'managing on the fly' and I suppose that's exactly what it is!  We individually need to flex and support others in the team when they need it.  

We also need to find ways to be innovative - spot opportunities to grow and grasp them.

It feels that at times like this, the ability to adapt and innovate will help businesses come through the other side whilst at the same time as keeping staff focused and engaged.