Recently, L&D leaders from around the world took part in a debate organised by LinkedIn. 

Amongst other subjects, they discussed how L&Ds can (and must!) help in these critical times as well as how the role of L&D could change forever if it steps up to this challenge.

The main message was that gone are the days when L&D had to fight to be heard, fight for the budget, fight for the resources, fight for its existence!

Now, everyone is asking L&D for help!

Help with moving people online, with helping them adapt to new technologies, to a new way of working, to a new way of thinking, to a new way of communicating with their colleagues and clients.

It's an unprecedented opportunity for all of us, L&Ds, to finally gain a seat at the executive table. To be seen as a crucial part of our businesses, rather than just as a cost!!

With many departments such as marketing seeing their budgets cut, L&D is in a unique position to step in to help. 

And help it can! 

This is the most crucial time to start educating people on how to communicate with their clients online, how to find new prospects using social media and how to maintain business relationships using those channels!

This is the time to figure out how to deliver this learning in a scalable, efficient, highly measurable and accessible anywhere way.

This is the time for L&D to shine!

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