Scared.  Urgent.  Attention.  Unexpected. Unprecedented. 

Marketers, it's time to switch the language.

This insightful post via Forbes talks about the journey marketing is taking with language during Covid-19 and it's fascinating (for a marketer).

Shouting with CAPITAL LETTERS and over utilising punctuation (!!!!) isn't going to get you noticed.

The data is clear.  What worked a few months ago isn't working now.  

Buyers are on an emotional journey.  They've moved passed the initial panic, shock and adjustment.  

They're now in a stage where they're looking for reassurance, comfort and hope.  

The language that marketing uses needs to reflect this shift and the further shifts that are likely to come.

On our team call yesterday we had an open conversation about where we're at.  

It feels like a good time to pause.  Take a breath.  Reflect on the last 10 weeks and reassess what our new normal looks like for our tribe.  

I'd imagine that most businesses will be doing something similar right now.  In fact, according to the data in this article, audiences are almost seeking permission to step away and decompress

Now, more than ever, B2B marketers need to get close to their customers in order to judge the mood.

As marketers we must read our audience - listen to their language and shift accordingly.  Our communications should focus on language that evokes trust and empathy rather than sales or deals.

The way we talk to our customers now needs to be more human and emotional - less robotic and business-like.

So, a message for B2B marketers, embrace this change. 

Go talk to customers.  Listen to their stories.  Ask them questions.  Notice their tone and language.  

You never know, you might wish you'd done it earlier!