There's no doubt that we're moving from urgency to recovery.  Businesses everywhere are pausing to take a breath and formulating their strategy for moving forward.  Marketers are no different.

This interview with IBM CMO, Michelle Peluso, talks about how marketers can play a critical role in responding to this phase. 

Now is the time to truly align to internal functions, break the siloes and to think like a CEO.  Understanding the financial health of the business will be critical to the CMO's success in the future.  

Here are some key messages I took from the interview:

👉 Now's the time to reshape the organisation - less siloes, more agile, cross functioning teams 

👉 Focus on top of funnel presence.  Invest in educating and supporting your audiences with useful content 

👉 Start thinking like a CEO - understand the health of the business overall and your contribution to pipeline (not leads) 

👉 Deep knowledge of who you are serving will give you conviction about what your brand positioning should be

👉 Invest in video - this is a great opportunity to create content that engages with your audience