This week LinkedIn released a new research report on the impact of Covid-19 on sales teams around the world.  There's a trend that sales leaders need to recognise fast:

Buyers are getting better at buying than sellers are getting at selling.

You can read the report for yourself here, but the general summary is that sales needs to up their game if they're to recover from this crisis in any great shape. 

According to this research:

Only 23% of buyers cited sellers as a top three resource that they turn to when they need advice

70% of buyers would rather wait to engage a seller for help

Over 60% of buyers described sellers as ‘interchangeable’

Unless sales teams adopt digital relationship techniques, they'll lose contact altogether.  They'll become irrelevant.  

Their socially savvy competitors will be winning the digital hearts and minds of their prospects and they won't have any clue.

This is because digital sellers focus on adding value to the buyer journey rather than selling at all.

In fact, sellers who provide education and insights during the sales process win 23% more than sellers who fall short of meeting a buyer’s expectations.

This report shows that there’s a clear ‘value gap’ between buyers and sellers, and it’s only widening.

Unless sales leaders accelerate their plans to adopt social selling within their organisation, recovery will most likely be impacted.

Download the report here.

Learn more about Social Selling here.