No-one likes a pushy salesperson.  In a recent webinar I did with Dan Knowles about digital advocacy, he pulled out a quote I said (and standby).

"Customers can smell desperation"

According to HubSpot research, 17% of sales people believe they're pushy whereas 50% of prospects believe they're pushy.   

This is quite a significant difference.

Quarterly pressure, aggressive sales targets and favourable commission rates may be the driver of your urgency but realise that customers aren't driven by your motivations.  

The truth is - customers are wising up to the tactics that sales often use to drive action.  

Customers know the longer they wait the bigger their discount.  

You could find yourself regretting such a sales aggressive approach when it comes to long-term relationship management.

Further research shows that 57% of B2B consumers prefer to purchase from a salesperson who “doesn’t try to apply pressure or hassle them when following up.”

During this Covid-19 recovery period, sales will need to tread very carefully.

It will be tempting to drive action and hit targets but remember that your customer is probably not in the same frame of mind.

How you act now will determine the long-term relationship you have with your customer.

So, focus on helping them.  What more do they need from you?  

Send them research report to support their decision making process.

Connect them with others who can share their experiences of working with you.

Don't chase them.  Become invaluable to them.

The more you ask of your customer, the less responsive they may become.  

Be indispensable.  

Be overly helpful.  

Be insightful.  

Be valuable.