Employer brands will require a seismic shift of the coming months, maybe even years.  

As organisations look to evaluate how they will recover from the Covid-19 crisis, there will inevitably be changes in the way they structure and operate themselves.

Dawn Hollingworth, Head of Employer Brand for Rolls Royce, openly said that Rolls Royce employees of the future will instead need to prepare to be able to transfer their skills around the organisation, based on need.

This is a different type of employee and it fascinates me to think that as companies rebuild, they will be looking a versatility and adaptability as a critical skills.

Specialists will always be needed but perhaps the employer brand message will shift more to be an invitation to "join us" or "build with us" or "be part of our journey".

This is an inclusive message that doesn't compartmentalise roles or skills.  

It doesn't lead with delivery expectations.  It leads with expectations around candidate attitudes.

Weathering a crisis is never easy.  Where you have employees flexing with the business throughout the crisis - well, that's loyalty.  

There will be tough decisions ahead for many organisations but how employers treat their employees during this crisis will undoubtedly impact the pace of recovery.  

Purpose will become more important than ever.  Connecting employee purpose to brand purpose will be key to retaining top talent and attracting new.  For some organisations, being clear about the brand purpose will be a good first step.

Most importantly, it's about supporting the employee with what they need at their time of need.