Content is critical to any successful digital inbound marketing strategy.  

However, when I say content I don't mean churning out quantities of content.  

Successful content marketing needs a strategy.

In this post from Michael Brenner he talks about the pitfalls companies fall into when it comes to content marketing including:

Only focused on SEO or PR

Great at storytelling but not SEO

Not focused on content that converts

Video specialists but not writing specialists

Inability to cross purpose content

They often choose agencies that may have focus on PR or SEO or copy-writing freelancers.  

That's fine but without someone pulling it together into a cohesive strategy, the investment is likely to be wasted.

Gone are the days where we churn out volumes content and that increases our Google ranking.  It's far more sophisticated than that.   

Consider type of content, frequency of publishing, purpose of content, keyword strategy, meta data, media planning, promotion of content.  

It needs a plan and it needs coordinating and not every agency is experienced in the holistic picture.  

So, if you're encouraging your employees to be part of your content strategy (which I believe you should) make sure you create a plan of action so you avoid duplicated topics and encourage consistent publishing.