Social media hasn't traditionally been a comfortable place for leaders.  

It's fast paced and slightly unpredictable - not a natural communications channel for risk averse leaders.

But there's an appetite for social media. 

CEOs and leadership teams realise the value but, according to this research, but still aren't active.  

Brunswick researched 790 CEOs based in the UK and USA from the FTSE and S&P organisations.  They also interviewed their employees.  

Here are the key statistics that stood out for me:

Nearly 48% of CEOs now have a social media [presence but only 1 in 4 have posted within the last year

4 in 5 employees believe their CEOs are on social media (even though most are not)

80% of employees believe strongly that CEOs should communicate on social media during a crisis

60% of employees said they'd prefer to work for a CEO that uses digital and social media to communicate

People are 3x more engaged with a digital leader on Instagram than Facebook and Twitter

62% of leaders are present on more than one platform (but are not always active)

Technology industry is leading the way in that 48% of leaders are active on social media

We work with a lot of leaders and exec teams to coach them through their anxiety, fear and learning process of moving on to social media.  

It isn't easy to switch a habit - it takes time and confidence but in a crisis, it's more important than ever to increase digital communication with our teams.  

You don't have to be the CEO either!  

You can lead a team, a business, a division or a charity - same rules apply.  

You don't need line management responsibility

Leadership is about enlightening and inspiring those around you to take action.  

When you can't meet face to face, digital and social media provides a way to continue that leadership role.

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