Lockdowns are lifting but customers aren't rushing back to their offices in a hurry.  

The Covid era fast-tracked sales professionals into a world of digital selling whether they were ready for it or not.

Grounded sales teams have quickly had to learn how to network and engage digitally.  

Before Covid, the average sales person spent 36% of their time in contact/meeting customers.  

During Covid, 77% of sales professionals said they’re holding more virtual meetings.  

This new reality isn't going to change any time soon and the sooner sales teams recognise the value of AI, in their new found digital selling skill set, the more successful they'll become. 

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, isn't there to replace the sales. It's there to augment what they already do.  

Technology will never replace relationship building between humans, however the insights that come with AI can help alert sales people to triggers that they would otherwise miss.  This includes:

Listening to prospects and what they're sharing/talking about on social media

Identifying triggers to engage e.g. they have a new job, they've viewed your profile on LinkedIn

Adjustments in the customers eco-system e.g. market changes, supply chain alterations

Understand where prospects are hanging out and what they're reading

Technology helps to elevate the role of the sales person from someone traditionally 'selling' to someone that is 'helping' their buyer through their situation - not I didn't say decision making process!

That's because not every prospect is in a decision making process and modern sellers recognise this because they focus on relationships and not immediate sales.  

AI will never replace the need for sales people but modern salespeople will recognise the enormous benefits that AI can deliver.  

Modern salespeople will be smarter, faster and more responsive than their competitive counterparts.