Influencer Marketing is widely recognised within the B2C world and increasingly utilised within the B2B world. 

Whilst consumer focused influencers have been impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic, this latest research suggests that B2B is rather a different story.

B2B marketers have always been challenged to reach buying committees and create authentic experiences that inspire trust and action.  

At a time when customers are working remotely and more difficult to reach, B2B marketers are looking for alternative ways to scale their efforts.  Hint: Influencers.

This new report from TopRank Marketing digs deep into the shift the B2B industry is seeing when it comes to engaging influencers and how this has accelerated during the current crisis.

Truth is, influencers have already established a digital following and trusted reputation online.  They provide a channel of access via social media that traditional campaigns (e.g. events, direct marketing) can no longer serve.

This report includes insights and contributions from leading experts in this field including Mark Schaefer, Ryan Bares (IBM), Amisha Gandhi (SAP), Ursula Ringham (SAP), Rani Mani (Adobe) and Brian Solis.

Here are my key takeaways:

✔ 77% of marketers say prospective customers rely on advice from industry experts

✔ Only 28% of B2B marketers are running Always-On influencer programs

✔ Those that do run Always-On see 75% increased views on brand content and 60% increase on share-of voice

✔ Top 3 types of content co-created with influencers are blogs, videos and webinars

✔ Marketers use software to identify influencers (76%), monitor activity (66%) & qualify influencer audiences (64%)

I particularly love the quote from Ryan Bares:"A shift I see for B2B influencer marketing in 2021 is using employees as influencers." Oh yes! 😊

Learn more about how we integrate influencer marketing into our Social Business approach at Tribal Impact.