If there's one thing I'm certain of, it's the fact that the world doesn't need more content.  It's a widely known figure that consumers come into contact with at least 5,000 brand messages a day.  That's a lot.  Irrelevant, inauthentic and unhelpful content just adds to the noise (as well as the frustration of your audience).

According to research from Edelman:

84% of people want brands to be reliable news sources, keeping them informed about the virus and the progress being made in the fight against it.

85% of people expect brands to be educators, offering them instructional information about the virus and how to protect themselves from it.

84% of people want brands to use social media channels to facilitate a sense of community and offer social support to people.

As this blog from LinkedIn outlines, marketers are treading on delicate ground right now.  

Customers are growing impatient with irrelevant content that serves no purpose.  

This is especially true of click-bait headlines that grab the attention of readers but don't deliver against their promise!

According to Edelman, audiences are leaning towards more useful and credible sources that serve to educate and add value.

So, what can marketers do?  

Employee Generated Content:  I believe employee generated content is going to be big - whether blogs, videos or podcasts.  The medium is flexible but the authorship should be authentic and credible.  Engage your 'behind the scenes' experts on content creation.

Watch Your Bounce Rates:  Are visitors jumping in and then straight out of your content?  If they are it could be that the content isn't delivering to expectations set by the title.  Optimise the title or flesh out the main body of content so that the search engines aren't impacted.

Invest In Thought Leadership:  Content isn't a quantity game.  It's a consistent quality game.  Sometimes that means investing in good quality resources that audiences can download e.g. eBooks, webinars.  Co-create content with influencers to drive increased reach and influence via dark social.

Stay True To Your Purpose:  Don't be tempted to go off topic.  Instead think of innovative ways to serve your audience different types of content.  Consider re-purposing content into different formats, engaging new voices to be part of your content strategy, review your employee advocacy for your next generation of expert influencers.

According to this LinkedIn post:

Strengthening the bonds of trust with your customers and potential customers is an essential focus right now.

Whilst B2B marketers don't have so many face-to-face events to organise right now, it feels like the right time to revisit their content strategy and look for ways to optimise how they serve their audiences.