This week our strategic partner Onalytica and the Tribal team launched Part 2 of a report analysing over 250, 000 employees from the top 75 Global Tech brands.  


Because we wanted to see how well brands had connected employee voice & passion to company purpose and mission. 

I'm been a long time advocate of employee activation on social media.  Their voice (and network) is more credible, authentic and trusted than any other when it comes to your buyers researching your company.

But, how well aligned is the company voice, when it comes to technology focus, with their expert voices?  Are they aligned at all?

Well, that is exactly what this report explores.  Whilst a company may have great technology and a good story to go with it, how well are those trusted expert voices being listened to.  

This report answers those questions for the top 75 Global Tech Brands.   It looks at expert presence on LinkedIn and Twitter by brand, engagement rates of those experts and who the Top 25 are in each category listed below:

AI and Machine Learning
Autonomous Vehicles
Big Data and Augmented Analytics
Cyber and Data Security
Future of Work
Cloud and Edge Computing
Digital Transformation
Climate and Sustainability
Advanced Manufacturing
Storage and Infrastructure
Smart cities and Infrastructure

Bringing your employee voice into the conversation about your technology will be critical in modern digital way of engaging customers.

B2B buyers no longer want to be sold to.  

B2B buyers want helpful and valuable insights that will help them make informed decisions.  They want meaningful relationships based on advice and expertise. 

By enabling your employee experts to grow their influence in their own field of expertise on social media, you are growing your brands reach and influence over your next customer.

If you're in Technology and are curious, feel free to download the report here: