This is a question we get a lot at Tribal Impact.  Employee Advocacy tools have the ability to add leader-boards and gamify the metrics, so why not?

My advice:  Proceed with caution

Gamification can be helpful if you gamify the right behaviour.  Volume of shares isn't a metric you want to encourage if you are to build an authentic and credible employee voice on social media.

In my experience, employee first driven advocacy programs are the most successful in that they grow steadily, show regular employee activity resulting in increased Earned Media Value (EMV).

Rushing to activate your employees online by encouraging content amplification isn't (in my humble opinion) the right approach.

Customers want meaningful interactions on social media.  

Seeing the same content published by multiple employees (using the same post text) won't help with your brand authenticity.

Ensuring your employees share content relevant to their personal passion and their audience is essential in order to drive engagement.

So, what can you do?

If you are to use a leaderboard, set it up around engagement metrics rather than volume of shares

Provide coaching to employees that are 'over-zealous' with their sharing habits

Work with leadership to make sure they aren't setting KPIs for their team to hit sharing goals - it happens!

Before you offer iPads and Amazon vouchers as prizes, consider kudos and recognition first.

Cultivating and scaling a successful employee advocacy program takes time and experience.  Learn from others by requesting to join our practitioner community on LinkedIn