According to Statista, 44% of people are spending longer on social media than prior to the crisis and social media engagement has skyrocketed.

Not a surprise.  As people have isolated and are working from home, they're turning to platforms where they can continue to feel part of a community.

Companies are taking a second look at their brand social presence and rightly so, but is that really where the new business is going to come from?

Or is it going to come via referrals, networks and word-of-mouth?

According to Sprout Social;

74% of customers consider word of mouth to be the key influencer in their purchasing decisions

88% of people trust online reviews just as much as recommendations from personal contacts when choosing what to buy, and who to buy from

Around 91% of B2B buyers are influenced by word of mouth marketing

Word of mouth is one of the main sources of lead generation for any B2B marketer and social media is the digital version of it.

Until now, social media management is that digital function that's often there to promote brand content but it's so much more than that.

A connected company creates converting conversations.  

I know that sounds a mouthful but it's true.  Businesses that are connected are building stronger relationships, shortening sales cycles and driving higher growth.

LinkedIn Research shows that sales teams experience a 7% lift in win rates for existing customers when their reps are connected with 6+ decision makers.

However, the same LinkedIn study also showed that 78% of sales professionals are only connected to one person in accounts they’re trying to close.

I know that many folks struggle to understand why they need to take social media to more than just the sales team and Social Selling.  

So, if you're still struggling to understand the business value of investing in employee social media training, think of it as the modern day word-of-mouth.  

It's a digital platform where people connect, chat and engage with each other (with no agenda I hastened to add). 

It's hugely important that you engage your wider organisation into the customer conversation because at the end of the day...

"A connected company creates converting conversations."  

👆 You heard it here first 😉

Image: Park Troopers