I've never been a huge fan of gamifying employee advocacy because competitions around behaviour can create bad habits that are hard to break.  

To much focus on leader board rankings and sharing goals displace the true benefit of employee advocacy which is about connecting employees to customers via social media.

The best advocacy programs that we see are the ones that encourage employees to contribute content as much as they share it.

As we see advocacy evolve within companies we will see more emphasis on driving employee generated content and for good reason. 

According to research:

Consumers find User Generated Content (UGC) 9.8x more impactful than influencer content when making a purchasing decision.

UGC posts shared to social channels see a 28% higher engagement rate than standard brand posts

79% of people say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions.

One of the best ways to encourage employees to start generating their own content is to run internal campaigns within your employee advocacy platform.

Most platforms will allow you to share 'internal only' posts - these can be competitive articles or messages from leadership. 

So why not use that functionality to create community within your platform?

Here are 5 ideas to inspire your next internal employee advocacy campaign:

View from your window:

With everyone working from home right now, why don't you ask them to take a photo of their view.  Share the 'remote working' vibe with colleagues around the world - it will drive engagement within your platform.

Your office buddy:

Ask your employees to take a picture of their pet who joins them in the home-office each day whilst they work from home.  

Your first drink of the day:

Everyone needs a beverage to start the day but is that a smoothie, espresso, Starbucks drive-thru or a good old fashioned brew!  Ask employees to share their photos of their 'daily drink'.

Your fitness regime:

Encouraging health and wellbeing during a time of crisis is so important right now.  So, ask your employees to take and share pictures of them running, cycling, training or working out.  Share hobbies to unite the team.

Your desk:

Working environment is so important for productivity and wellbeing so encourage your employees to share their tips for working from home.  Take a picture of your desk and add a "top tip" to encourage engagement.

There are many more ideas on how you use employee advocacy to drive community across your remote workforce - these are just a few.

Once you've ran a few of these campaigns you can then collate the responses, approach the contributors for permission and then publish this content via the brand channels to show the culture behind the brand.