This week I've experienced (some first hand) three moments where things didn't quite go to plan.  Events where the unexpected happened and folks needed to think on their feet.

In business we're all about being well prepared and organised.  Planning everything to the very last detail. We don't do impromptu or 'on the fly'.

In 2017 Professor Robert Kelly was talking live to the BBC from his South Korean home when his two children walked in on him. Kelly's wife burst through the door to try to salvage the situation.  It went viral.

Yesterday I had my own BBC moment (not on the same scale) when my 5 year old gatecrashed a LinkedIn LIve session and poked her tongue out because she could see herself on the screen.  

This morning I joined Mic Adam for a chat about employee advocacy and content when my cat walked behind me proudly wagging her tail (to get her moment of fame). 

Finally my colleague, Justyna, shared an outtake today of a recording she made a few weeks ago which cracks me up every time.  

The lesson.  It's okay to be authentic.  Not because you're trying to be but because it's normal.  

We're living in a world where we're working our way through a global pandemic.  

I've seen more kitchens, lounges, conservatories, dogs, cats, fish, teddies and Lego models over this last few months than over my entire career and I love it.

For the first time in B2B we're seeing the human side of business.  We're learning new things about our customers and our colleagues every day and it just makes work more fun. 

We're juggling. 

We're managing.

We're coping.

We're human.

I often smile at the phrase 'authentic' because whilst I use it a lot, I joke about it with Tim Williams on our regular LinkedIn Live chats.  

We talk a lot employees from global brands who have built social media influence.   The word 'authentic' comes up every time because if there's one thread of commonality between all the employees we talk to, it's exactly that.  

They're authentic.