Social media typically sits within marketing - the function that's responsible for managing the brand channels and monitoring for mentions.  But social media, when implemented well, reaches far beyond the marketing department.  

Smart organisations recognise the impact of social media across the organisation and are building programs that support this transition, however too often these programs are popping up within siloes.

  • Sales enablement will lead Social Selling.
  • Communications will lead Influencer Marketing.
  • Marketing will lead Employee Advocacy - sometimes Communications will!

However, this is often where the issues arise.  Whilst programs are operated in siloes, you rarely get the benefit that comes with  a holistic approach.

For example, Influencer Marketing can be better optimised when experts are involved in the conversation.  Activating employee subject matter experts as influencers can often deepen the relationship your brand has with external influencers making it less transactional and more authentic.

In addition, including external influencer content can be included as a category/channel within the Employee Advocacy tool.  When your targeted influencers see your brand employees amplifying their content it grows the influencer relationship from 1-2-1 to Many-2-1.

Tomorrow, I'll be talking about this very topic as a guest of "Content Marketing Institute" so if you want to learn more about how to build a social first approach to activating your business, come along to the discussion.