Resilience.  It's a word I've used to describe my kids during this pandemic.  But is it a word you'd use to describe yourself?  On reflection, I think we've probably all built some resilience this last 12 months.  It's been turbulent to say the least.  But this interesting post explores resilience a little more and discovers that it's actually our networks that provide most of this resilience.

Networking is associated with career progression and business.  It's a place where you meet, connect and 'network' with others to better yourself, your role and your business.

But in times of crisis, networks are there providing a safe haven.  A reassuring out-reach that we can lean upon in times of need.  A place we can vent, discuss, test ideas, have a laugh and remember what it felt like before the pandemic.

I love this paragraph:

When we talk to people who have shown exceptional resilience, it’s clear that they often have cultivated and maintained authentic connections that come from many parts of their life — not only through work, but through athletic pursuits, volunteer work, civic or religious communities, book or dinner clubs, communities of parents they’ve met through their children, and so on.

Networks take time to build.  You need to invest time in them.  

Those that sit in the bottom left hand quadrant of our Social Media Maturity Matrix typically call upon their network when they need them most e.g. finding a new role, need a reference,  looking for a referral.  

Those in the middle column are expert at nurturing their networks digitally so when the need or time arises, they can call upon them.  Lean upon them.  Contact them for advice.

My advice?  Don't be inactive. 

Be the person who nurtures their network just a little bit each day.  Don't let them forget you.  They can be the source of your resilience.