Employee advocacy is so much more than the tool - it's about bringing the power of brand stories to life through the authentic voice of employees.  Not my words.  These are the word of Danielle Guzman - Global Head Of Social Media for Mercer.

Danielle has been on this journey for a few years now and truly understands the impact of employee voice on social media.  More than than, she understands that it takes a community to build a collective voice on social media.  One that is guided, programmatic and focused on enablement.  

In this video (via Dynamic Signal) she talks about the program and how it works.  But at the core of everything Danielle talks about is the power of the employee voice.  

She doesn't talk about using employees as a channel for brand content.  She talks about enabling employees to build the strength of their voice online and advocacy tools being an enabler for that.  

This is evident when you look at the influence map from Onalytica which shows how strong these voices are - they're clustered and near the heart of the conversation:

Here are the stand-out quotes from this interview for me:

  • Bringing brand stories to life
  • Enable and empower employees to talk about their organisation
  • People like to talk with people - they don't want to hear from brands
  • We allow, empower and equip our employees to tell our brand story in their own voice to their own communities
  • All of those people have communities and relationships
  • Advocacy tools are about serving up brand content but allowing employees to make it their own
  • Everyone is different in the way people communicate with their communities

Check out this interview both Tim Williams and I did with Danielle just last year: