About 10 years ago I bought a couple of books called "Internal Marketing" and "Branding From The Inside".  On reflection, I think the authors were a little ahead of their time.  They talked about treating employees as customers and building a brand voice through the collective voice of employees.

Only now, that social media is well established in the workplace, are we seeing this taken more seriously through programs such as employee advocacy and digital selling.  

However, for it to work effectively brands need to communicate to their employees as if they were communicating with their customers.  

One of my first ever Tribal customers used their marketing automation platform as much for the employees as they did their customers.  They tracked engagement with content, email open rates, click through rates etc.  They monitored internal engagement metrics with just as much care and attention as external engagement metrics.  

This article reminded me of that.  Whilst internal communications is often left to the expertise of those who understand communications best, there is partnership with marketing to be explored.  

Marketing, who traditionally understand performance metrics and monitoring, can help communications interpret the digital indicators that often transfer into other behaviours.  

The Temkin Group study shows us that 79% of companies with engaged employees had a significantly better customer experience than companies who didn't. 

So, if companies are striving to improve customer experience, perhaps they first need to address employee experience as a priority.