Employee voice on social media, in relation to company voice, is something to be explored by brands because they aren't the same thing.  one does not replace the other.  They have their own unique purpose.

We're engaged, often by smaller organisations, to help support their company social media channels and what's it's necessary to have a brand presence on social media, it's not where most of the interactions happen.

Unfortunately, the algorithm within LinkedIn and other platforms is geared to elevate individual content and not that of brand channels.  Understandable as these platforms expect brands to pay to play within the channel.  

This is why so many brands are exploring advocacy and authentic engagement by employees.  

But where does this leave brand social media channels?  

Are they needed anymore?  

What's the point?

Absolutely - whilst your fans and followers won't flock to your brand pages voluntarily to learn more about your business, they will visit when they want to reach you...when they're ready!

This could be for several reasons - customer service, recruitment, intention to buy.

As more organisations start to switch their social media channels as a route for customer service, consider this.  

  • Is your brand social media channel geared up for that?  
  • Is it resourced to answer inbound enquiries?  
  • Are they being routed within the company?  
  • Does your content map to this approach?

So, in short, employee advocacy will never replace the need to have brand social media channels but the purpose of those channels will evolve.