I've just jumped off an amazing Clubhouse social media chat about influencer engagement and its connection with employee advocacy and executive activation (thanks Tim at Onalytica for hosting!). 

The closing statement from Brian Fanzo has stuck with me. 

"I've made it my mission to only create episodic content in 2021"

He went onto explain.  

Take a look at streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon.  

They are catering for the binge watchers.  

The episode consumers.  

They bubble up curiosity and cliff hangers in the episodes they produce which ultimately leads to people like me sitting up way past bedtime to binge watch an entire series.

More than that, they're influencing how people and buyers consume content.

They're building habits that roll on over to how they buy in business.  If B2B marketers don't recognise this shift, then they could be missing an opportunity.  

So let's think about this - content could include:

  • Blog series
  • Podcase series
  • Video series
  • Clubhouse series
  • Twitter tips series
  • LinkedIn tips series - use a hashtag so people can follow (tip from Don Carmichael)
  • Newsletter
  • Webinar series
  • Video tips & tricks

Any others?