80% of the global workforce are either mobile or deskless and fewer than 6 in 10 frontline workers use a mobile device in their job.   That's incredible - these employees don't have a desk let alone a laptop! 

What's more alarming is this:

More than a third (34%) of frontline employees now say they feel disconnected from their HQ

Over three quarters (76%) say their sense of engagement would be significantly improved by relatively modest connectivity measures, such as mobile access to corporate communications messages.

40% of frontline employees saying they receive training no more than once per year

Even though seven out of 10 employees would welcome access to ‘always on’, on-demand training via mobile, app-based learning solutions 

So, when it comes to employee activation on social media, how do you digitally engage the employee who has no resources to digitally connect? 

The answer - their mobile device.

The deskless workforce are often time constrained by shift patterns and alternating work hours.  

They need on-demand access to resources when THEY are ready to engage.  It's on their terms and in their time.

Advocacy tools enable you to not only share content but also engage with those that wouldn't otherwise be sat at a desk and logging into a webinar.

Whilst advocacy tools are often used to distribute content, they also provide a great opportunity to facilitate conversations, communicate to employees (via internal messaging) and create employee generated content (EGC). 

Micro eLearning modules are also ideal for employees that want to invest in their learning at the point of need.  On-demand learning that's accessible and device responsive.  It's also trackable so that progress can be measured and managed.  Better still, you can align eLearning modules to the behaviours that you see in the advocacy tool data.

Engaging the deskless workforce requires a different approach to advocacy and learning.  They want to connect with the brand but need enablement for it to happen.  

How are you engaging your deskless workforce?