Yesterday, I led a webinar masterclass about using Twitter for Social Selling.  It reminded me just how amazing this platform is (especially when it comes to selling).

Too many folks write-off Twitter as a platform in decline but with the emergence of Twitter Spaces (an audio/conversation function), I wouldn't be so quick to write it off.

Whilst you, as a sales person, may not be an active Twitter user, don't underestimate it's value when it comes to understanding your prospects.  

Here's why:


You can learn a lot about a prospect on Twitter - more than what you see on LinkedIn.  You can learn about the team they support, their interests, their conversations, their passions.  It helps you to understand them, the person and if you're keen to build rapport - you'll pay attention!


People turn to Twitter to ask communities questions.  If you've setup your Twitter listening correctly, you'll see those questions first hand and be quick to respond.  You don't need to be all over Twitter listening to every conversation - setting up the alerts correctly can save you time.

Time Saving:

Using lists and notifications in Twitter means that you can target you time efficiently.  Knowing when your team, colleagues, prospects and customers are tweeting means that you can engage/like/comment in that moment.  They'll see you as paying attention and interest in what they do.

But my customers aren't on Twitter!

Okay, but as I demonstrated yesterday using Followerwonk, whilst your target buyer isn't on Twitter there are people at your target customer that are on Twitter.  These people are likely influencing your buyer or the buying community so think bigger than just your direct buyer.  Influence wider circles.

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