This week I attended the Seismic Shift event online where my SAP friends talked about, what is quite possibly the largest, social selling program in the world.  

Just for some context, SAP started on this journey many years ago and have the most advanced program, tools and measurement in place.  They're even rolling out the same framework to their global partner eco-system which is phenomenal.

As part of the presentation my good friend Kirsten Boileau talked about the three critical components of the enablement program:

Mindset, skillset and toolset.  (note that tools are the last in the list...for reason!)

They focus on the behaviours first.  Focus on listening - what does your audience want to talk about?  Listen to understand what your customers, prospects and audience want to talk about so that when you share content is really resonates.  Content that provides the information, education and engagement that your customers and audiences are looking for

Then focus on the tools

Understand how you can apply the tools to embed the behaviours so that they're not too aggressive, confrontational or interruptive with customers.  

SAP tested this approach.

They took two groups and trained one group in the tool only.  Then they took another group and trained them on the behaviours and concepts of Social Selling as well as the tool.

Those trained on the tools and concepts got 7x more pipeline over those that only had the tools training.  

You have to go beyond the tools to embed behaviour change.