Does your website offer a slick customer experience which nurtures them through their decision making process? Or does it interrupt and impede the customer journey with sources of friction when they can't find the content they need? 

Given that the buyer journey today is mainly digital, ensuring that your website is a well-oiled machine without sources of friction is absolutely essential. We need to make sure that the pages website visitors are landing on are doing everything they can to hold their attention and nurture their interest.

Sources of potential friction which can discourage website visitors include (just a few noted here, there are many more which I'm sure you've all experienced!):

  • Heavily gated content - I can't stand it when I try to view some interesting content and am asked to complete a long form entering all my details. Keep it brief and use gating only for high-value content.
  • Dead-ends - if I'm looking to progress through my buyer journey, which asset should I read next? Is it easily accessible and even suggested to me so I know clearly where to go next on the vendor's website?
  • Over-zealous call-to-actions - if I'm reading an awareness stage blog, a CTA proposing I 'Click here for a call with a consultant' isn't appropriate at this stage. In fact, this would actually put me off and might halt my journey with that particular vendor.

B2C and B2B buyers want to find the content they want, when they want it - and given the saturation of content available, our assets have to be easily found and cut through all that noise.

The ultimate goal is that a website is a living, breathing thing; which converts visitors into leads. SMB organisations in particular often lack the marketing resources and budget to get the foundation in place to attract quality digital inbound leads. However, there are a few key elements on their websites which when implemented, will pay dividends in terms of keeping website visitors engaged and facilitating their conversion into leads. 

I love this quote:

“B2B marketers need to realize that every time a buyer cannot find the content they are looking for — that bounce represents a significant opportunity cost — because you may never get another chance to convert that prospect into a customer.”– ”The Birth Of The B2B Consumer,” Stephen Casey, Principal Analyst at Forrester

Check out HubSpot's "10 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation" for excellent tips on optimising your website and making sure that your website visits don't become wasted opportunities!