"Why won't our employees share our content?"

That's a question I get asked most weeks by social media and marketing professionals leading employee advocacy programs internally.

As a marketer I can totally relate to the excitement and pride that comes with creating content and campaigns.  After all the effort involved you want everyone to shout it out to the world.

But there's something more complicated going on when it comes to employee advocacy.  As Danielle Guzman, Global Social Media Lead at Mercer, says "employees loan their personal brand to the company that they work for".

When an employee chooses to work for a company they will (consciously or unconsciously) be working through a process investigating whether their values align to the values of the company they'll be employed by.

Advocacy will come when those values align.  When their purpose and mission within the business is connected to the goals of the business.

The employee experience will inevitably impact how willing an employee is going to be in sharing your company content.  Do they feel they belong?  Do they feel they're making a contribution?  Do they feel valued?

Once organisations understand the connection between employee experience and employee advocacy they start to adjust the program they're running.  

The tool becomes a mechanism for content aggregation but the program becomes an enablement framework allowing employees to explore their own social media maturity path.