If you're a Channel professional, have you ever wondered which channel social media groups are most popular? Jay McBain of Forrester has pulled together some incredibly valuable insights into the use of social media groups by those in partner ecosystems.

We know that the channel is increasingly diverse and the ecosystem is constantly evolving, as does the use of social media. From Jay's research, it looks like Facebook is edging into pole position over LinkedIn for use of groups! This is fascinating, and echoes some of our recent conversations with tech customers who have given the same feedback. 

Engagement in LinkedIn groups is dropping (almost off the cliff) whilst people are switching to Facebook, despite LinkedIn still being the primary 'place to be' for individual users rather than groups.

I would recommend a read of Jay's original post for specific social media group information, but I wanted to highlight these points below of particular relevance for channel professionals. 

Social media is here to stay, and the value of belonging and participating in social media groups is significant for anyone involved with channel ecosystems. 

Key Highlights: 

✅  Partner communities such as peer & user groups, analysts & events are invaluable for promoting collaboration & decision making

✅  Understanding influence across this massive ecosystem is important for vendors, partners may even prioritise visibility and community over programs and margin potential

✅  Knowing where partners go to find content and who they follow is like real estate gold for more successful channel recruitment & loyalty building

✅  Use of social media has increased massively since the pandemic for everyone. This is a golden opportunity for vendors and partners to strengthen their relationships with each other, peers, customers and prospects

Jay's post also recommends a list of 'Further Channel Related Reading' - so highly recommend!