We know that B2B companies who blog regularly increase their awareness, credibility, search engine rankings and leads. Regular blogging also helps companies to build trust with their customers as they demonstrate their subject matter expertise on topics which matter to customers and prospects.

However, the reality is that sometimes (often!), it's hard to build a blogging habit when we're busy with managing clients and meeting internal business demands. Sometimes it's valuable to have a reminder (talking to myself here as much as to external readers!) about the huge positive impact a regular blogging habit can bring to your organisation.

Benefits of Blogging: Statistics

  • Businesses that blog get 55% more website visitors than businesses that don't. (HubSpot)
  • On average, companies with regular blogs produce on average 67% more leads than companies who don't blog
  • 70% of people would rather learn about a company through articles rather than advertisements. (DemandMetric)

Regular blogging enables your employees to share their knowledge and expertise in their specific areas which in turn, provides valuable content for your organisation to share on your company website and social media profiles. 

By sharing your company voice and that of your employees through blogging, the following benefits are also achievable:

Blogging: Key Benefits

  1. Helps to humanise your brand (make sure that each blog is attributed to an individual rather than a nameless/ faceless corporate blog)
  2. Provides long-term traffic to your website as people search for content like yours
  3. Helps the potential of external readers creating valuable backlinks to your content (amazing for SEO purposes)
  4. Creates more conversion opportunities as you can include CTAs in each blog

What's even better is that blogging is an affordable and scaleable way for small to medium size businesses to grow their business (who typically don't have access to large marketing budgets). They might not have the budget or resources to roll out a multi-touch point marketing campaign, but regular blogging is far less intensive in terms of effort. But equally beneficial!

Could blogging possibly be one of the healthiest habits your company could adopt?