Does your organisation support you in your professional use of social media? Or are your employers concerned that building your profile online will alert competitors who will try to poach you? 

Typically, we talk with organisations who are ready to support the activation of their employees on social media, as they know that employee shared content receives a whopping 50% more engagement and a 5x greater click-through rate than brand content. 

Then again, there are still many organisations and employees who are still not 100% convinced of the power of social for the corporate brand or their personal brand.

Here's a quick recap of how supporting your employees to get active on social in the workplace is hugely beneficial:

Benefits for the brand:

  • Builds trust and credibility through people
  • Showcases expert talent within the business
  • Extends content reach
  • Humanizes the brand
  • Creates authentic content

Benefits for the employee:

  • Strengthens employee credibility in market
  • Deepens customer relationships
  • Attracts opportunities
  • Increases knowledge and value
  • Builds network beyond fellow peers

I've added a few more statistics above to demonstrate the power of employees sharing content on social media. Just to clarify we're not talking about asking employees to become one way promotional channels, but more to share both branded and non-branded content which will ultimately demonstrate their industry expertise. This, in turn, will raise both your brand and their personal brand - I can't resist using the cliché 'win-win situation' here!